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Everyone HAS to go look at tairee's journal... I dunno who the hell this kid is, but look REALLY HARD at his background. Recognize anyone?

UPDATE: make sure you stop by and look at his userpics too...
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do you know him, or is he just some anon fanboy?
haha... sorry I creeped you out. I feel bad now. I didn't consider that any of you guys would have LJs, let alone look at mine, so I figured that no one would notice/care if I used a couple pics from your site in my background. sorry bout that...

And, just for the record, I'm a chick, not a boi.
oh wait... you're a girl? that's totally not as creepy. We don't really care that you used pictures from our site in the first place, it was just really surprising. The only reason I found you is because you have The Reacharounds as an interest. My only complaint is that there were 2 pictures of ryan, and only 1 of me. what's that shit?
Hah! You complained and now you're not there at all! But I am! Woop! I win!