adampants (badadam) wrote,

So last night I was extremely motivated. I accomplished many things, including running a network cable to the tv room to set up my new 80 hour TiVo, breaking up with my girlfriend, taking apart my PS2 to fix it, and cleaning my apartment. The TiVo is awesome, and will be my new best friend. My PS2 now works like a champ, so come back over and watch the end of Lilo and Stitch, Ryan. Also, NHL2k1 now works again. We need to finish that damn season. Some day I'll have the money and go buy 2k3.

I found out today that the company will be taking a trip to boston on the 6th for a week long visit. I haven't looked at dates and stuff, but hopefully this won't conflict with any shows or anything. I guess I'll need to do laundry so I have clean, nice clothes to take with me. I need to get a haircut, as well. Chad told me today that I look like Wolverine, which I guess is kinda coo. As a side note, points to What's the world coming to?

So I guess I should tell you what I got for Christmas, eh? Well, obviously, I got a TiVo. I also got a bunch of other weird stuff, including an electric snow cone maker, a deep fryer, a black cashmere sweather, a few books, Lilo and Stitch DVD, a Grumpy Bear care bear, and blah blah blah. Oh, and Ryan got me Willy Wonka and Gross Point Blank on DVD. Yay for Ryan.

As for everyone else, I got my mom a DVD player, my sister a George Foreman Grill, Uncle Ken a "Drill Doctor" thing that sharpens drill bits, Ryan a hardback copy of The Bell Jar and a Warcraft III Strategy Guide. Uh, I know I bought some other stuff, but I haven't seen some people that I bought things for. I think this is the first Christmas that I've actually gone into debt.

Oh, I forgot to mention on here yet... I bought a new car. `98 Accord Coupe EX. Black, Black interior, totally pimp. Yeah. I'm broke. I'll get around to taking pictures eventually, I spose.

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