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one last thing before I go...

since everyone else is doing it...

a year in review:

+ Got the new years kiss I wanted.
- Got in my first car accident.
- Lost a good friend.
- Got kicked out of The Reacharounds.
+/- Made out with a lot of friends.
+ Had a very outgoing summer.
+ Got a cat.
+ Rejoined The Reacharounds and continued to rock out.
+ Got my first real office.
- Was totally retarded for someone, very briefly.
+ Got a promotion.
+ Moved into an apartment by myself.
+ Learned how much I love being alone.
+ Became a better guitar player than I thought I ever could.
+ Got another promotion, and a raise.
+ Learned quite a bit.
+/- Found out that I'm moving to boston.
- My cat died.
- Was retarded for, by someone else. Probably hurt them.
+ Bought my very own car, all by myself.
+/- Got another raise, not what I was expecting.
+ Got a TiVo for christmas.
+ Ended the year having concern or idea what the coming year will bring.

New Years Resolutions:
(I want to stick with the usual. The things I actually hope to do, but probably never will)

This year I will...
+ Quit Smoking.
+ Quit Drinking.
+ Start Exercising (I gained 30+ lbs this year, tho nobody can really tell)
+ Learn to cook a lot of good food.
+ Start Saving Money.
+ Pay more attention to the things I love doing. (playing guitar, writing, reading, etc.)
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