adampants (badadam) wrote,

I left the house at 10am, and just got home. I went to work, went to test drive cars, and then went to my parents, where whod81 joined me and my family for birthdaystuff.

After that, off to Sean's, and then Lord Of The Rings. whatever...

ryan: "That fat kid looks like one of the kids from the goonies..."

I just got home to find a bouqet of pink roses waiting in my mailbox, along with some candy (receipt included; it seems I didn't get all the candy that was purchased) a birthday card that includes horrible grammar and the postscript "you have very beautiful eyes!!", and a smiths patch. Obviously, my 16 year old stalker doesn't know me very well...

I got some neat toys from my family tho. A mini R/C car from uncle ken, 2 harry potter lego sets from my sister (who made a point of repeating at least thrice that my two year old niece picked them out herself. right), and a paper-shredder+pencil-sharpener combo thing from my mom. I think the R/C car is my favoritest, followed by the shredder, which I would have to say is one of the best combinations in the world. Oh, and ryan got me a big bottle of grey goose. crazy, man...

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